The Swan Basement are the latest venue to really give a boost to local metal and hardcore with their Loud Noises Sunday. We managed to get there for the very first one to see what it was all about. The punters are happy standing around and chatting, even through the first few bands, but suddenly it swells and quiets, migrating to the stage for good reason.

Amadeum quietly take to the stage, then it all unleashes. One of the heaviest acts of the evening, these guys are some of the best metal in the area, no doubt about it. The singer/ guitarist is rocking the Jesus look, so much so that one punter comments “If Jesus sang like that I might be a Christian.” With songs that run from melodic breaks to intense, heavy breakdowns, these guys are dynamic, interesting and best of all, LOUD. Of course this makes their quiet nature and politeness in between sets an even greater contrast. Truly an amazing band.

Next to take the stage are Nightmare Effect, and they are in fine form, from the windmilling dreads to the gritty and dirty vocals. These guys break you down, get you all hot and dirty, then leave you feeling both elated and a little defiled. The two guitarists are incredible, at times playing in perfect synchrony, at others breaking into their own flawless solos. Definitely keep an eye out for these guys, and certainly catch them live if you get a chance.

True to metal form, Tempest Rising start out with technical difficulties, I suspect mostly due to drunkeness. The crowd cheers when they are ready to go, and they slam into it. With great vocals that range from a falsetto to the deepest of growls, and an amazing stage presence, Tempest really lived up to their name. The fans whip themselves into a crazy mosh pit, and a wall of death, this is the wildest crowd i have seen at a local gig for a long time. This band of misfits get an amazing sonic wall going, all the while having a natter with the audience. Special guest Dylan rounds out the show, giving the lead singer a chance to join the crowd and enjoy a mosh. They truly rounded off a night of incredible local metal.

Come and see the rest of our photo set of the night at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.355064134584006.81432.348605801896506&type=3

-Tammi Alexander


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